Step 3:    Further information

Upon receipt of  your sponsorship,  we will contact you with more information about your child.   

Donations are received through SAMS-USA (Missionary Special Project - Melvin), a separate secure site.   Checks can be received on line at the same site or mailed to the SAMS-USA address below. 

Sign checks to SAMS-USA  with 'Jack Melvin-Projects' in the memo line.    SAMS USA is a member of Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability.   More about SAMS-USA here.

Drop-down List.

Select a Child's Name here and send the message.  You will receive an immediate confirmation.   More information will come later.   Be sure to click the donation button as well.


Sponsorship  Process

Step 1:     Sponsorship

Select the name of the child that  you wish to sponsor in the adjacent sponsorship form. Include your name and email.  Click send. You will receive an immediate confirmation.


Step 2:   Donation

Click donation button below.  Set up a payment of $38.00 per month or an annual payment of $456.00.  (The school year is from February to December.) You will receive a second confirmation by email, this time for your payment. This link takes you to separate secure site.  See note below.